Top 4 Advantages Of VREMT Vehicle Charger

Vehicle charging has transformed the entire concept of energizing automobiles. Gone are the days when non-renewable resources like petrol were ruling the industry. Vehicle chargers and electric transport are the new norm. However, finding a reliable, efficient charging solution and a manufacturer is paramount.

Welcome to VREMT, a game-changer in the world of electric vehicle chargers. From customization to leading-edge technology and global compatibility, the VREMT Vehicle Charger offers many advantages that set it apart from the rest.

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VREMT Vehicle Charger in a Glimpse

At the heart of VREMT’s prowess lies its 22kW ODP, a groundbreaking product that marks a milestone in China’s mass production industry. This charger boasts the distinction of being the first mass-produced product in China. It is tailored to accommodate a variety of European vehicle models, including but not limited to Volvo, Smart, Polestar, and ZEEKR.

Its exceptional flexibility sets the 22kW ODP apart, covering 400V and 800V vehicle systems.

But this is not all about the exceptional VREMT vehicle charger. it is a great resource with plenty of advantages. We have brought you the 4 most exclusive benefits that make this vehicle charger worth investing in.

Top 4 Advantages of VREMT Vehicle Charger

1. Customization: Expanding Flexibility

VREMT’s commitment to customization extends beyond its groundbreaking 22kW ODP. The voltage platform spans 400V and 800V vehicle systems, providing a comprehensive solution for electric vehicles.

With its diverse options, the power platform offers 7.2kW/22kW OBC and 2.5kW/3kW DCDC, ensuring that VREMT chargers can adapt to various power requirements. The modular design further enhances flexibility, allowing for custom integration to meet the unique spatial arrangements of different vehicles.

2. Globalization: Worldwide Compatibility

In a world where electric vehicles roam across continents, VREMT ensures its chargers can keep up. These chargers are designed to adapt to global power grids, including those in China, Europe, and Japan. The worldwide compatibility doesn’t stop her! VREMT chargers are also compatible with high-power single-phase requirements in the United States and Japan.

Moreover, it adheres to international charging standards such as GB/T 20234.1, GB/T 18487.1, IEC 61851-1, and SAE J1772. This diversity is why VREMT chargers boast functional compatibility, supporting discharge functions like V2L/V2V/V2G and meeting the V2G grid connection requirements in the European market.

3. Leading Technology: Cutting-Edge Efficiency

VREMT isn’t only about technology but also leads the pack with the application of the whole series of new SiC (Silicon Carbide) devices. This innovation results in a remarkable 0.5% increase in overall charging efficiency.

The all-digital high-frequency soft-switching control technology ensures rapid development. Besides, it also supports non-inductive over-the-air updates, allowing for customized charging strategies aligned with the evolving needs of electric vehicles.

4. High Standard: Safety First

VREMT sets a high standard for safety by meeting ISO 26262 and ASPICE development process requirements. Applying 100% automotive-grade components strictly adheres to the 10-year/300,000-km vehicle product standards.

Functional safety is a top priority, with VREMT chargers meeting ISO 26262 ASIL-C standards. Additionally, these chargers comply with the high-voltage safety electrical standard ISO17409, ensuring a secure and reliable charging experience for electric vehicle owners.


Charge ahead with confidence — choose VREMT. VREMT’s vehicle charger stands out as a legendary example of innovation and reliability. It addresses the dynamic needs of the electric vehicle charging landscape. With its emphasis on customization, global compatibility, leading technology, and high safety standards, this company is propelling the future of electric vehicle charging into uncharted territories.



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