How to clean magnetic building blocks

Cleaning magnetic building blocks and those cool magnetic toys is a piece of cake. No need for rocket science here. Just grab a few things, follow these simple steps, and your magnets will be spick and span.

What You’ll Need

Warm Water: Get a bowl of warm water ready for soaking.

Mild Dish Soap: You know, the kind you use for dishes?

Soft Cloth or Sponge: A gentle touch keeps things scratch-free.

Toothbrush: For those tiny nooks and crannies.

Towel: Grab a clean, dry towel for drying duty.

Air Dry Rack or Tray: To let your magnets air out nicely.


Here are the cleaning steps:

Soap and water mix

Fill a bowl with warm water, add a dash of dish soap, and give it a little stir. You’re making a soapy superhero.

Break Them Up

If your magnetic blocks come apart, take them apart. It’ll make cleaning a breeze.

Soak Time

Drop your magnets and their bits into the soapy water bath. Let them chill for about 10-15 minutes. This helps the dirt and goo let go.

Gentle Scrubbing

Get your soft cloth or sponge and give those magnets a gentle scrub. Focus on sticky spots and dirty areas. For the nooks and crannies, call in the toothbrush.

Rinse It Off

Rinse each piece under running water to wash away the soap. Make sure no soap suds are left behind; they mess with the magnets.

Dry Them Up

Lay the magnets out on a dry towel. Pat them down with another towel to soak up the moisture. Make sure they’re bone dry before you put them back together.

Piece It Back

Once they’re dry, put your magnets back together if they come apart. Make sure all the magnets line up and snap together like they should.

Final Check

Give your magnets a once-over to make sure they’re clean and free of any gunk or leftover soap.

Extra Tips

Skip the hard-core chemicals and rough stuff. They’ll mess up your magnets.

If your magnets have fancy gizmos like LED lights, check the manual for cleaning tips so you don’t mess up the tech.


Keep your magnets clean and tidy, and they’ll keep the fun going.

And there you have it—cleaning magnetic building blocks is easy. Just follow these steps, and your magnetic buddies will stay in top-notch shape for loads of creative and fun adventures.



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