Bytesim eSIM vs. Traditional SIM cards – What Should You Choose?

eSIM technology has been a pivotal shift in the mobile networking sector. Most modern smartphones come with an eSIM nano chip pre-installed.

Before this, smartphones came with a slot for physical SIM cards. Now, the manufacturers have installed a nanochip that you can rewrite. So, you can install an eSIM on that nano chip digitally.

There are a few key advantages to this. However, if you only use local network providers, you won’t be able to take full advantage of this technology. A smart network provider brand such as Bytesim is revolutionizing the world of international travel and networking through eSIMs!

Don’t believe us? Keep on reading and find out for yourself.

Why is the Bytesim eSIM Better?

eSIMs are, by default, better than your traditional SIM card. They are compact, can’t be physically lost (as they’re embedded into the device), can store multiple SIM profiles, are secure, can be located quickly if your phone is lost, etc. So, there is no question that an eSIM would come out on top if it fought with a traditional SIM card.

However, Bytesim eSIMs take that to the next level! Not only do you get all the advantages of a regular eSIM, but you also get everything else curated, especially for traveling.

As a traveler, you can buy one of the international esim plans from Bytesim, depending on your destination. These plans usually come with unlimited 128 KBps internet and a selected plan for high-speed internet.

You can choose if you want a number or not, select the package size, and choose the service days. So, everything about Bytesim packages is customizable.

After you purchase the package, the eSIM will be delivered by email instantly, and you can install the eSIM immediately.

24/7 Customer Service

Bytesim offers 24/7 customer service through email or WhatsApp support. The entire team is run solely by humans for genuine support experience.

Unlimited Data Plans

You can experience unlimited 128 Kbps internet anywhere you go! Bytesim has coverage in more than 200 countries and regions, including Japan, Korea, Greater China, France, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Canada, and many more! You’ll have access to high-speed internet for a limited data size every day and unlimited 128 Kbps.

Switch Between Mobile Carriers For Better Connectivity

This is what no other network provider can do for you! Bytesim has partnerships with multiple local mobile carriers in each destination. So, depending on the connectivity, the network will switch automatically to the best connection among the mobile carriers. You can also manually select the mobile carrier if you face any issues.

Better Security

As we already discussed, Bytesim offers all the security advantages of an eSIM. Network providers can remotely access the eSIM if necessary. So, if your phone gets stolen, the thief can’t throw away the embedded eSIM or even turn it off! So, tracing a stolen phone’s location is quick and easy.

Also, a typical tourist scam is identity fraud, where someone steals a phone and uses their SIM cards to commit financial fraud using the SIM. This, too, is impossible with a Bytesim!

Affordable Prices

Pricing is the best selling point for Bytesim. Their prices for network connectivity are meager, with a lot of services. The prices start from $2.90 to $5.90, depending on the destination. So, if you’re an avid traveler or a businessman, a Bytesim will surely be the best choice for your next trip!



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